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climbingI actually started this blog about three months ago and fizzled out after about a week. (I managed to garner half a dozen followers in that time period, though, so, *waves* Hi! Hope you stick around for this iteration.) I wasn’t happy with how I had set up the format. I’m ready to give it another try.

If you’re new here, this blog chronicles my journey to accomplish my list of impossible things. Right now I’m in planning mode, working out the baby steps that will get me there. That’s the easy stage. It’s the doing that feels like the impossible. I have a deplorable lack of discipline. Passion flares and burns brightly, then winks out in an instant and I’m off to something else.

Right now I’m all atwitter with the dream to sell our house, buy a sailboat, and cruise around the world. My deeply-rooted husband doesn’t know how to deal with such high-flying ambition. I tell him to go along with it but don’t worry: Within a few months I’ll be attracted to something new and shiny, and I won’t give sailing another thought. In the meantime, he’s wisely taking advantage of my obsession, because it’s focusing me on finishing the house remodel (ostensibly so we can sell the house and buy a boat).

I’m hoping that making an official list, determining day-by-day steps, and keeping this blog will help make some of my dreams less pie-in-the-sky. I fully expect some of the things on the list to change with my whims. Others won’t. Some I’ve struggled with for years, which is why they’ve earned a place on a list of “impossible” things. I hope I will be able to mark off some of them in the future. I hope I can accomplish what’s listed and add bigger, more impossible things — and accomplish those too.

It all happens with the little day-to-day steps. Consistent steps, which are what trip me up. In my first iteration of this blog, I created an extensive Health & Fitness checklist to keep me on track each day. I liked that, and so I’m going to keep doing it. (I’ve tinkered with the specifics a bit.)

blank checklist

Last time I had a second checklist of other, non-health-related things to accomplish each day. That’s where it fell down. In just a week I felt overwhelmed and found reporting on it incredibly tedious. I’m not going to make it so formal this time. I may not report my status every day. I may talk about other things. I’m going to try to be consistent — but realistic.

I may need some pep talks along the way.