Who am I? I’m Melissa. I write, and I dream. I love dogs, horses, skiing, sailing, and my husband, not necessarily in that order. I live an incredibly blessed life that I’m wasting by Facebooking instead of being the person I was meant to be. This blog is an attempt to change that.

Step-by-Step: A Blog of Impossible Things was inspired by Joel Runyon’s kick-ass Blog of Impossible Things. More specifically, it was inspired by this. It wasn’t difficult for me to come up with my own list of impossible things. They’re the things that poke at me when surfing Facebook, spending too many hours at work, watching yet another Lockup marathon, or eating way too many Oreos. They’re the things I aspire to, but have begun to believe are not possible for me. Then, when I think that, they’re the things that make me angry, then sad, then angry again. I’m afraid that one day soon that anger will turn to acceptance, and that would be a bad, bad thing.