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I meant to check in before now, but I started a new job this past week. The days leading up to it were my “last days of freedom,” and then this week has been exhausting. But guess what? I stuck to my Paleo goal like a champ!

It was the only goal I stuck to, but it was 100% successful, so I’m not complaining.

A friend and I are starting a new challenge today — the Whole Life Challenge. She’s just getting started with Paleo, so she chose the beginner level. I’m doing the advanced level. The challenge includes eating and exercising and other stuff, including blogging. I don’t think they have a blog system on the site, so I guess I just use this one? If so, you’ll probably get sick of my ramblings over the next couple of months, but I think the challenge will help keep me on the straight and narrow.

Since I’m 11 days into eating strict Paleo, I’m beginning to get the good results. Seriously, this diet makes me feel incredible. Below I pasted the list of aches, pains, and complaints I had before I started this with notes about the changes I’ve seen.

  • Unable to reach all my body parts — Improving!
  • Acid reflux — Completely gone.
  • Indigestion — Completely gone.
  • Can barely close my seatbelt — Seatbelt is looser, but certainly not easy yet. I’m not pinned to the back of my seat anymore though.
  • Low energy — Vanishing quickly, replaced by even energy throughout the day (no caffeine needed!). This will get better, though, until I’ll have trouble sitting still. Already I’m getting more chores done around the house because I have the energy to do them.
  • Very low cardio fitness level — No change, because I haven’t done any exercise.
  • Loss of muscular strength — No change, because I haven’t done any exercise.
  • Chronic acne on forehead — Still there. Can’t tell if it’s improving.
  • Swollen feet and ankles — Haven’t noticed a difference here.
  • Tendonitis in elbow — 95% gone. Twinges if I do weird torquing movements.
  • Sore joints — Completely gone.
  • Exceptionally weak ab muscles — No change.
  • Lack of flexibility — No change.
  • Sleep apnea — Sleeping better, but haven’t gotten to the doctor yet.
  • Foot pain when walking — 99% gone.
  • Bloating — Completely gone.
  • Feeling uncomfortably over-full after meals — Completely gone.
  • Chronic (but mild) snotty nose — Completely gone. I think I used one Kleenex this week.
  • Hair loss  — I wish.
  • Chest pain — Completely gone.
  • Headaches — Completely gone.

I don’t think that’s bad for 11 days!