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Me and River. 1/1/2014, my highest weight ever. But isn't he adorable?

Me and River. 1/1/2014, my highest weight ever. But isn’t he adorable?

A friend reminded me yesterday of a saying that what you do on January 1 is what you’ll do all year long. To that end, then, I’m going to work hard to make today the most ideal day possible.

My first chore was to experiment with a morning routine. Today is a holiday, and I don’t start my new job until next Monday, so technically I’m under no pressure to get up early right now. Come Monday, though, I have to get up early enough to get all of my morning tasks done before work. Those tasks include feeding the critters, getting myself dressed and fed, meditating, writing, and social networking. I timed those activities this morning, and, assuming just one hour of writing time and only the most cursory read-through of Facebook, they took almost exactly 3 hours.

Isn't he cute?

Isn’t he cute?

(That does not include the 15 minutes I spent dealing with two mice that got stuck in our recycling can. They were exhausted and dehydrated, almost to death. I generally take mice out to the woods and release them, but these would have died, so I made them a temporary home and gave them food and water. One recovered fairly quickly but unfortunately escaped as I was taking him outside. The other is still recovering. He was further gone than the other, and I’m afraid he may not make it. Sigh.)

Those 3 hours didn’t include time to read the blogs I follow, nor to do Twitter, which I usually do in the morning. In all honesty, I’m not a big Twitter fan, but building a social media presence is necessary as an author these days. If I take advantage of the scheduling feature on Hootsuite, I can probably schedule the next day’s tweets each evening. My goal is to spend only 15-20 minutes per day, total, on Twitter.

Reading the blogs, on the other hand, is something I very much enjoy, even though I skim a great number of them. I’ll have to figure out how to make time for that. The logical time seems like it would be lunchtime, but once I start working, I was planning to use lunchtime to work out and do some other tasks. Honestly, I’m going to end up eating at my desk, because I’ve stuffed my lunch hours full of other things!

Speaking of, yesterday Jay and I picked several entrees, and I went grocery shopping. Today I’ll prepare some of that food, so I’ll be set up to eat healthily and won’t be tempted to snack on non-Paleo food. This morning I rearranged the den a bit and got the treadmill set up. (And used it!)

Okay, it’s still early, but I feel like I’m off to a good start. The only red flag I see is my uber packed mornings. Those will hurt once I’m back to work. Getting up at 5am, when I’m used to sleeping until 7 or 7:30, is going to hurt. A lot.